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Heated workshop
Stop wasting energy and get ideal custom Infrared heat. Do you have a
cold work environment at work or at home then this heating mat is the ideal solution.
The temperature is adjustable up to 55 degrees. So your workplace is an ideal
work environment. The desk pad is waterproof and gives a nice design on your
Even if you have cold feet then you can easily infrared mat on the ground and
warm your feet. He consumes only 75 watts (us as much as a lamp)
so energy efficient and that saves a lot in energy costs.

The infrared desk warmer is a black 80 cm length by 33 cm width and is equipped with
a push button temperature controller.
The included 1-meter plug and cord makes it super easy to install the mat.
Its surface is ideal for mouse movement and feels nice and soft on your hand and
ellenbows. The temperature is adjustable by 5 degrees, within 5 seconds you feel the heat already
on your hands and it consumes only about 75 watts, depending on heating setting.

The desk warmer is made of a linen structure, is therefore very fashionable. The
top of the desk heater is waterproof and easy to wipe off.

Application of the heater
The heater is ideal to use where localized heat is desired.
The is very compact and solid through the fiber construction. With the controller you can set the
desired temperature.

The desk heater is made of a linen structure, which makes it very fashionable. The The top of the desk heater is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

It is very compact and solidly constructed thanks to the fiber construction. With the controller you can adjust the regulate the desired perceived temperature. It is easy to roll up and can therefore be taken anywhere be taken there. The heater can be used for various (slightly dusty/humid),

applications such as;

– Office heating

– Cash register heating

– Foot heating

– Camper heating

Size: 80*33cm,

Colour: Dark Grey
Warming: 3 seconds.
temperature control: 7-gear intelligent display temperature.
Automatic power outage for 3 hours.
Material: cotton  linen, non-slip leather.
Heating method: PET aluminum foil.
Heating temperature: 35 °to 65 °,7 gear adjustable
Rated voltage: 220V 50Hz.
Rated input power: 75W.
Weight: 350 grams.


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