Top-Design Tempered Glass Infrared Heater B/W option

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The Top-Design Infrared heater Mirror A is a descrete carbon crystal Infrared heating mirror. This infrared heating mirror gives instant heat, no need to preheat a room! No more unattractive heaters taking up space! The Top-design heaters will keep any space warm inconspicuously with its sleek modern design. Best of all it is a low energy high performance heating device!

Advantages of infrared heating; safe and comfortable without smell, light, noise or transformation. Infrared acts on the human body directly, physically good for the human body,  replicating the warmth of the sunshine.  These unique heaters clean air and sterilize due to infrared disinfection antiseptic effect!

Installation cost 150,- for first product and with all additional products/ 99,- per unit by Top1 specialist – OPTION IN CART.



Category G Series
Heating element carbon crystal
Surface temperature 70-90 ℃
Energy conversion efficiency 98%
Frame frameless
Rear material aluminum sheet
IP Code IP54
Overheating protection Yes
Starting length of cable 1,9 m
Certification CE, RoHS
Guarantee for heating element 5 years



Choose Wattage

60X100-580W, 60×120-700W, 60×60-320W, 60×80-450W


Black Glass, White Glass


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