Single String parasol lighting

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This off the grid single string parasol lighting can be operated with an inclusive remote control. Creating a mood for all outdoor occasions! The LED lights are USB powered by a 10000 mAh power bank which can last upto 7 hours. This product includes a specialised waterproof bag to protect and secure the power bank. The power bank can be recharged manually or we have a no fuss smart solar solution available for unlimited green energy! The double string parasol lights will be installed by Top-1 system employees, this will secure the quality and warrant for your product.

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Standard Parasol lighting:

  • With USB connection per set (8 strings).
  • Manually operated and by remote control.
  • USB is supplied as standard with Powerbank 10,000 mAh which allows approximately 7 hours of lighting.
  • The Powerbank is charged via solar, and can be topped up using other sources of electricity.

Possible package Parasol extension:

  • Solar on the parasol to feed the power bank, so no grid electricity costs.
  • Small fans for air movement and cooling.
  • Parasol infrared heating using solar generated power.
  • Cooling through humidification.
  • Various USB connections for telephone and laptop charging

Possible packages of terrace amenities:

  • Terrace mood lighting.
  • Powerbank for energy storage for direct use (light, heating, fans, sound, etc.)
  • Infrared heating solution using solar energy
  • Table heating by solar energy, either direct or from powerbank.
  • Subsidies and grants available, country and region specific.

The above options are fully assembled and installed by a Top1-Systems expert, to comply with warranty conditions 

Please contact us by email to explore both our CO2 reducing solutions and money saving on energy bills:

Delivery time: within 4 weeks after payment acceptance

Color Powerbank

Aubergine, Black, Green


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