Tube Standing Infrared Heater HQ Design

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This infrared heating column is great for flexible usage. The pipewave infrared heater uses a fraction the energy than conventional heater making it not just beneficial for your health but also for the environment! It is available for wall and ceiling mounting, and also as a stationary model.
Place the pipwave heater in your living room, bedroom, or dining room for extra comfort!
Advantages of infrared heating; safe and comfortable without smell, light, noise or transformation. Infrared acts on the human body directly, physically good for the human body,  replicating the warmth of the sunshine.  These unique heaters clean air and sterilize due to infrared disinfection antiseptic effect!

Surface: Aluminum powder coated RAL 9016

Protection Class: IP40 (Main plug), IP40 (Fixed connection)

Mounting: Wall and ceiling mounting possible or available as a stand model


Mounting model: pipewave 900/900 watt/ca.10kg/200 x 1515mm

Standing model: pipewave 600/600 watt / about 10 kg / 200 x 1040

Weight N/A

IR Mounting Pipwave Heater, IR Sanding Pipwave Heater


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