PH – Top (Portable heater)

311,00 Exclu VAT

The PH-Top is a free-standing infrared patio heater with integrated table suitable for commercial (catering, terraces, open indoor spaces) and private use. Terrace heating with lighting the PH-Top is a freestanding infrared heater which provides a perfect combination of lifestyle and comfort for both indoor and outdoor use. The device is designed to keep your drinks cool while warming your body.

Thanks to its LED lighting, available in warm or cool colours, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

The heater is resistant to rain, snow or splashes, and is therefore also suitable for commercial use. It is also equipped with LED lighting that can withstand high temperatures. This lighting is mounted at the bottom. The PH-Top freestanding heater is supplied ready for use. Its stable base and its automatic protection against overheating ensure that you can also use this patio heater near children and animals. 

Just plug in and enjoy!

Video of PH Top in action:


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