Mirror Infrared Heater HQ Design

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With the elegant frame-less design, these infrared mirrors have a multitude of applications. The panels fit beautifully in the bathroom, sitting above your mantel in the living room or in the front door hall for extra heat. Because of the infrared feature, you do not have to worry about fogging, or condensation.

Advantages of infrared heating; safe and comfortable without smell, light, noise or transformation. Infrared acts on the human body directly, physically good for the human body,  replicating the warmth of the sunshine.  These unique heaters clean air and sterilize due to infrared disinfection antiseptic effect!

Installation cost 150,- for first product and with all additional products/ 99,- per unit by Top1 specialist – OPTION IN CART.

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Surface: safety glass – chrome mirror
Back side: Stainless steel 3D white annealed
Protection class: IP40 (mains plug), IP65 (fixed connection)
Mounting: Wall mounting possible


R350: 350 watt, ca. 11kg, 620 x 520 x 19 mm

R600: 630 watt ca. 21kg, 1020 x 620 x 19 mm

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IR Mirror Panel R350, IR Mirror Panel R600

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