MH-2 (Movable heater)

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The MH-2 is an infrared outdoor heater with LED lighting. It is a type of patio heater that uses infrared radiation to produce heat. This heater is intended for outdoor use and can be used to heat a patio, porch or other outdoor area. Finished in matt black and with its 360° pleasant LED lighting, it suits every occasion and environment.

Elegant model with lighting

The elegant MH-2 infrared outdoor heater works by means of two carbon fiber infrared elements and has a number of advantages over other types of patio heaters. Firstly, the energy consumption of an infrared heater is usually much lower than that of, for example, a gas heater. In addition, the heat produced by an infrared heater is more powerful and more focused, so that less heat is lost to the environment or to the wind. The slim, matt black metal housing (169 cm) is weather resistant and durable.

The device is easy to move thanks to the built-in rollers. The intelligent motion detector ensures efficient and low consumption costs. This makes the Diana one of the most efficient and most  environmentally friendly heaters  . The ultimate means to warm you up on cold evenings.

User-friendly infrared heating

With a height of 169 cm and a heating angle of 110°, the MH-2 can effectively heat an area of ​​up to 20 m².

In general, the MH-2 infrared outdoor heater is a good option for those looking for an efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to use patio heater.

The PH-2 infrared outdoor heater also requires no maintenance and is easy to install. In addition, infrared heating is an environmentally friendly option, as no harmful substances are emitted during the heating process.

Focus on sustainability and innovation

The heater with matte black finish can be operated with a remote control and has a total power of 2960 Watt, adjustable in two positions.
the MH-2 is therefore suitable for both private and commercial use and is also equipped with 360° LED lighting mounted on the top.
the MH-2 also features a passive infrared saving function (PIR) that automatically turns off the heating after 4 minutes of no movement in the projection area.


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