Folding Solar Panel 120 W

485,80 Exclu VAT

The 120W Folding Solar Panel is PET Laminated and waterproof. Use this solar panel for all of your energy needs. With High efficiency >18% MONO cells and 28V*6.4A&5V*2.1A output, the foldable portable solar panel is a fantastic way to kickstart your new and current eco-friendly lifestyle! Included with the  solar panel is a gift box, 1 DC charging cable, 1 Laptop connector, 10  alligator clips, and 1 SAE to DC conversion cable!


High efficiency: >18% MONO cells

Output:Output :18V*6700mA & 5V 2.1A

Extended size: 186*90*0.7cm

Foldable Size: 45*29*12.5cm

Color: black

Material:PET laminated+Fabric (waterproof)

Accessories: 120w folding solar panel *1 giftbox *1 DC charging cable*1 Laptop connectors*10pcs Alligator clip *1 SAE to DC conversion cable *1


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