Diskus Infrared Heater HQ

1.417,70 Exclu VAT

The Diskus is a uniquely designed high powered infrared heater. With low energy usage and a high output this is a incredible heating device that is low carbon and  environmentally friendly. This heater is suitable for rooms with high ceilings such as industrial halls, retail and even for the home!

Advantages of infrared heating; safe and comfortable without smell, light, noise or transformation. Infrared acts on the human body directly, physically good for the human body,  replicating the warmth of the sunshine.  These unique heaters clean air and sterilize due to infrared disinfection antiseptic effect!

Installation cost 150,- for first product and with all additional products/ 99,- per unit by Top1 specialist – OPTION IN CART.

Surface : Steel with black powder coating

Color choice: Black

Heating element: High efficiency infrared elements

Voltage: 230 Volt, 50 Hz Connection cable: approx. 3 meters

Electromagnetic Compatibility: Low-electrosmog Protection

Class: IP 40 (fixed connection)

Edit: Using the supplied steel cable

Surface temperature : 145 ºC Hallmarks: CE, TÜV NORD, IGEF, Leitbetriebe Austria

Guarantee: 120 months

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