Top1-Systems Founders

With over 60 Years combined experience in renewable energy, here is our story….

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One of the founders started his renewable journey in the UK when the UK government introduced the feed in tariff in the 2000’s.  

He joined an established developer that had many years of experience in the development of both wind and solar projects in Italy.

The industry at this time was mature In Europe, following the lead of Spain.  Which had high tariffs for solar projects and attracted a lot of capital, developers and knowledge.

The same model that was established in Europe was transferred to the UK.

All the experience for renewables came into the UK from Europe.

This was a great learning curve, from the financials/economics, technology, grid connections, PPA’s and to the end buyers.

The two founders starting working together in renewables on the largest CO2 reduction project in the world in the Netherlands, which had a target to reduce the total CO2 emissions by one third.

The project was extremely ambitious using both renewables generation, energy efficiency and energy storage.

The project was massive but split into small manageable deliverables and modular. One step at a time. The project was also before its time, when capital was more focused on property development and ownership rather than renewables.

The has led the founders to establish Top1 Systems, a business that offers unique day to day renewables solutions that make a difference to everyones environment. 

With our longterm and detailed understanding of the supply chain and renewable technology we are building a business that is both for now and the future. Our products reflect our goals to create a sustainable green planet.

We are here to help everyone reach their green renewables targets whether you are an individual or a corporate.

Make the Earth a cleaner and better place for ourselves and our children.

Even a small change makes a difference.

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