The Right Direction!

???? The Right Direction! ????

In countries across the EU they are planning on a permanent ban on outdoor heaters in efforts to combat global warming. 
On average a gas patio heater emits approximately 3,300 kg of CO2 per year, while electric heater uses around 500 kg per year which is over a 600% decrease in CO2 emissions! 
Although this is a fantastic step in the right direction, it is a major distraction from the real problems at hand.

"I think the argument that it's 'green-washing' is basically to say that it's distracting the attention away from the bigger problems, which are, for example, subsidizing fossil fuels, financing all kinds of projects with government funds that promote recycling and sustainable solutions and consider their long-term environmental impact." Says Miranda Schreurs, professor of environment and climate policy at the TUM school of Governance and vice chair of the European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils.


In efforts to push a wide world increase in energy efficiency the IEA maps out and amed to the Net Zero by 2050 Emissions Scenario.
 This will require a major immediate push for availability of clean energy efficient technologies for all. Innovation is the leading factor in this monumental task!

“The scale and speed of the efforts demanded by this critical and formidable goal – our best chance of tackling climate change and limiting global warming to 1.5 °C – make this perhaps the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced.”

To achieve this goal; first there must be no new sales in internal combustion engine passenger cars by 2035. 
Secondly we will have to end all reliance on fossil fuel energy by 2040.

This is entirely possible with technology we have TODAY!
Thankfully the EU have formally agreed to a multi-billion euro fund to support the de-escalation of fossil fuels. The new plan will support communities affected by the shutdown of fossil fuel sectors to replace them with low carbon counterparts. Although not an entire solution it is a major step 


Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.

-Tom allen

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