Safety in the Dark

Safety in the Dark

Having reflective gear is important during leisure and work activities.  In the Netherlands, there are an average of 661 road deaths per year according to the PIN ETSC data from 2019. This is a combination of  car accidents, bike accidents, and pedestrian accidents. At work, accidents due to low visibility are also prevalent in the Netherlands. It is recommended that runners and workers wear reflective gear in order to reduce the chances of not being seen.

Current designs that are made for workers and runners, are effective, but they lack efficiency. Reflective vests are  bulky and stiff. The light up vests are great, but after a few uses, the battery dies, and there are no ways to recharge the battery.

That is why we have created a rechargeable light belt, that includes a USB port and double USB cord for charging. The versatile night belt is everything you need to be seen. It is both great for leisurely activities to work environments. 

The effective and sustainable night belt works with your goals of reducing waste.

You can visit our shop to get your own rechargeable night belt today

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