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Apollo and Handy Pack

The Apollo and Handy Pack

We have all been there… Far away from home, no power outlets available, and the battery of your phone is at 10%. It is a hot day, and you think that you will step inside a cafe to get a drink and charge your phone, but you find out that you are not allowed to use the power sources because of store policy.

Now what? You can’t get home without your phone, you have already spent money trying to use the power outlets of a store, but had no success. 

This is where you wish you had a powerbank, a friend’s house nearby, or a device that you can charge your device from. 

That is where we come in!

Here is your introduction to the Handy Pack and the Apollo Pack:  

The ‘Handy Pack’ is a light-weight waterproof shoulder bag with an integrated solar panel. The panel is connected to a built in powerbank which can be used to charge any portable device. In addition the power bank also includes fitted cables for all mobile devices! This is a fantastic investment to reduce your carbon footprint while conveniently having unlimited energy wherever you go.

The ‘Apollo Pack’ is a waterproof backpack with an integrated solar panel. Inside there is a power bank which includes fitted cables for all mobile devices! This will insure you have energy stored at all times. Helping you reduce your carbon footprint, the ‘Apollo Pack’ is a terrific green solution to your energy needs. This functional pack is perfect for students, business and nature lovers alike!

With the built in solar panels of each bag, you can easily charge your devices on the go, and with no worries. We specially designed these bags for convenience and ease. 

In addition to the ecological benefits of the bags, the ‘Apollo Pack’ is a great bag for work and travel. The handy pack is perfect for light everyday use, and is a great size for on the train and in busy areas. 

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