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       Energy Storage on Power Generation 

Top1-systems energy storage systems provide energy storage and output

management in power generation. The electrochemical technology and renewable

energy power generation technology form a joint system. Through the high-level

consistency of cells and the powerful computing of BMS, Top1-systems enables the

power generation to restore a stable power grid, optimize the power output curve,

reduce solar and wind curtailment, provide system inertia and the functions of

frequency and peak modulation, increase the proportion of renewable energy in total

power generation, and optimize the energy structure.


energy storage

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TOP 1 SYSTEMS is a International sustainability company, that focuses on everything related to climate, health and living conditions. Being innovative, decisive and unique is central to this.

Our infrared heating, air purification, safety cooling products, flexible solar elements, often combined with LED lighting; can be purchased or rented for parties and parties.


save energy, secure the future.

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